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AC or Air Conditioner is one of the most important appliances for the house, car or office. It's difficult to survive without a proper air conditioning system in a hot and humid city. An Air Conditioner enhances the comfort level of a room by supplying cool air. India being a hot country requires AC mainly for cooling, cleaning and (de-)humidification. There are various brands of air conditioners available however, it’s always advisable to choose air conditioners that save more energy. Using air conditioning system in the house is very crucial for developing the air quality. The refrigeration cycle is utilised to achieve the cooling effect. Other techniques like free cooling or evaporation are also used sometimes to achieve cooling.


Most offices use centralised air conditioning system for modifying the quality of air. A great air conditioning machine not only enhances the comfort level of the employees but also helps to increase the overall productivity. You can't imagine working in a hot and humid workplace. Your mind and body need proper comfort to work. A perfect environment is important to maintain the quality in your work and having a great air conditioning system solves this problem.


From corner shop to department store, every shopping facility has different requirements but all need one essential element to get right: the shopping experience.The right environment to shop is essential. Customers won’t stay long in a store which is uncomfortably warm or cold, and they’ll be unlikely to return for a repeat visit.

At Chillz Engineering, you can be sure of the right air conditioning solution to suit the right application. Your retail store’s new air condition installation will match your maximum operating levels and provide excellent Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) functionality for the best customer experience in all seasons. Installations are carefully planned and carried out for minimal disruption to your retail service. You can also expect:

  • premium quality products from industry-leading` leading air-con brands
  • solutions which are efficient, economical and environmentally friendly
  • extensive warranties and finance options
  • dedicated customer support
  • any size: any focus

  • Hospitality

    In a highly competitive hotel air conditioning market, hotel operators need to ensure that they are meeting the expectations of their guests, not least in terms of comfort in the rooms. Increasingly, there is an expectation that rooms will include an air-conditioning system to provide both heating and cooling. Whilst many hotels have a centralised air-conditioning system with fan coil units in rooms served by central boiler and chiller plant, this is not always a practical option. Nor will a split system air conditioner always be viable, because of the need to mount external units on the wall. We at Chillz Engineering provide you the right custom solutions for your business.


    Climate is a vital for healthcare environments and has important functionality such as preserving a sterile and healthy atmosphere for patients and staff. Our level of experience in Pharmacies, Clinics, Surgeries, Hospitals, Vets and Dentist air conditioning installations is extensive and we are well placed to provide bespoke solutions to suits your needs. From single rooms to entire hospitals our expert surveyors will happily provide a free site survey so we can provide you with exactly what you and your patients require.


    Acs in entertainment centers need special requirements like first of all Our air conditioners and heaters should be quiet, but effective, so they won't drown out your sound. Secondly the


    Air conditioning is the perfect way to keep temperatures comfortable in hot weather. One of the places that will benefit most from air conditioning is a school. During the summer, classrooms can overheat very quickly on hot days which results in reduced learning. When students are exposed to the hot weather it can reduce concentration, problem solving, social skills and more. A comfortable classroom environment is essential for learning. Chillz Engineering provides the best cooling solutions for educational institutes around southern region of India.


    Every year millions of passengers travel airports and stations all over the world. This buildings need a strong air conditioning system able to ensure an high comfort throughout the year. Chillz Engineering provides complete solutions for hydronics air conditioning systems that guarantee maximum comfort and reliability in airports in the world. Chillz engineering are experts in handling airport ac installations.

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