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Service & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance


We cover our customers with warranty on Acs and Ac spare parts.

Annual Maintenance

The AMC also have other services in which the customer has to pay extra chargers like for changing air filters, circuit breaker, etc. The AMC format for AC could be different according to the brand you choose. AC AMC price list could also vary from location to location, i.e., from across the country. Air conditioner AMC is a routine check-up to the guarantee period too.

Breakdown & Repairs

Ac Repairs: Chillz International takes care of the home air conditioner maintenance. We provide several repair services such as changing air filters, compressor or faulty wires. Cleaning the AC is also a common problem among the owners as if you are not aware of the technical parts. Chillz International provides trained expert engineers to take care of your all AC related repairs or issues as well as cleaning any AC. Wet AC Repairs: Water leakage is also a significant problem which many AC owners face. The water leakage could be caused by the growth of molds or due to small insects stuck in the air filters. Chillz International makes sure that your home air conditioner maintenance is their top priority and provides you with prompt and quick service. AC Piping Services: If you have damaged pipes or need to change the old pipes of your AC you could call Chillz International repair service provider to get a quality product at reasonable and fixed price rate. You could get pipes for any brand or type to be it industrial, commercial, or for personal use. AC Ducting Services: Another service provided by Chillz International is that of AC ducting as well as duct cleaning services. Ducting is an integral part of an AC as they help get the hot air out and make the room cool.


If ac service and maintenance doesn’t solve your problem, you may find that your air conditioner isn’t properly sized. If your unit is too small for your square footage, it won’t keep your home cool no matter how well-maintained. An HVAC professional can help you determine the appropriate size. Upgrading to a properly sized unit can make a dramatic difference in your home comfort.

Duct Cleaning

Most people do not realise that airborne contaminants are drawn into your air conditioning ducts, and once they enter the air conditioned space, they end up polluting the indoor air. Duct cleaning helps eliminate bacteria and mold which form inside your ducts over a period of time. Regular duct cleaning ensures that the occupants breathe clean and pollution-free air. This is achieved by removing the contaminants all the way from the entry of air to its exit including all internal surfaces of the airstream - air handling units, fans, coils, mixing boxes, variable air volume boxes, heat exchanges, condensate drain pans, ductwork and components in which air travels through or across. Regular duct cleaning also improves the efficiency of the complete air conditioning system, extending its life, and ultimately saving energy and money.


Nowadays spending the hot day without the chill of the AC is unthinkable. This is the reason why many modern ACs now come with anti-dust filters, this way you do not have to clean the AC, but it would do it by itself. This truly is a great invention which comes with built-in-stabilizers and temperature variation so that you can set a temperature that you are cool with. We service all kinds of best low maintenance AC. Also, they come with an auto functioning feature were just by setting some auto feature you do not have to worry about changing the temperature at every interval. If you are looking for a reliable AC service centre, then Chillz International is your one-stop destination for services and all your AC related problems and queries. We provide AMC service for air conditioner at an affordable price and try to make your life easier.

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