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While the power requirements of colocated equipment are a major factor in colocation costs, a data center’s cooling solutions are significant as well. The high costs of cooling infrastructure are often one of the leading reasons why companies abandon on-premises data solutions in favor of colocation services. Private data centers are often quite inefficient when it comes to their cooling systems. They also usually lack the site monitoring capabilities of colocation facilities, which makes it more difficult for them to fully optimize their infrastructure to reduce cooling demands.


Chillz solutions are customised for the Telecom industry and provide reliable, energy-efficient heat removal from shelters, cabinets, enclosures and rooms containing temperature-sensitive electronic and telecommunications equipment. This makes Chillz Engineering the preferred partner for electronics cooling and substantiates our position as the leading telecom cooling service provider.


In Cold storage the quantity of fresh air should be big enough that the concentration of harmful substances does not exceed the dangerous human limit. Since fresh air is the cleanest at higher points, it is taken in from a point as high as possible. Before entering cold storage rooms, the air is filtered so hard particles (dust) are removed. Filters are made of paper, textile, plastic mass, metals, etc. The surface exposed to air is big and sticky so dust particles are caught onto this surface. Complete air-conditioning ensures a set temperature in a room, clean air and adequate humidity. Air handling units are used for larger air quantities and in cases where air is being directed into rooms through the channels.


Chillz Engineering provides comfortable, high performance air conditioning and heating for your industrial air conditioning projects. The system works equally well in different industrial air conditioning environments including factories, agricultural buildings and warehouses.Our Advantage

  • Flexible design and smaller ducting allow easier installation around equipment and obstacles, whilst maintaining even temperatures.
  • High specification air purification dramatically improves indoor air quality and provides a cleaner and healthier working environment.
  • A natural, energy efficient de-stratification effect harvests warm air that is normally lost in high ceilings and brings it down to floor level.
  • Planned maintenance can be carried out away from the valuable production areas, reducing disruption, costs and downtime.

  • Pharmaceuticals

    A cleanroom is defined as the room in which the concentration of airborne particles is controlled.The cleanrooms have defined environmental control of particulate and microbial contamination and are constructed, maintained and used in such a way to minimize the introduction, generation, and retention of contaminants.Chillz engineering is capable of creating cleanroom environment for Pharma and chemical industries.

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