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Cold Rooms

We offer an excellent range of walk in coldrooms, including our custom configuration coldrooms which are built bespoke to you and your business needs, while always keeping in mind reliability and energy efficiency.

Walk in Fridges

Designed by the very best engineers and specialists using the latest chilling technology, our walk in fridges and freezers are created by the best, for the best. Our services are used by some of the most recognisable professional and restaurateurs in the country.

Walk in Freezers

Walk-in refrigerators and freezers are very large, insulated, enclosed spaces used to store and/or display refrigerated or frozen food or other perishable goods. They are used primarily in the food service and food sales industry. Where commercial refrigerators and freezers used in supermarkets and food processing and packaging can be much larger and are typically supplied by central refrigeration systems.

We at chillz engineering can maintain your walk in freezers and coolers as we have well trained and experienced manpower.

Individual Units
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Air Distribution
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Ductable Units
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Precision Units
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